Adding edit post/page link

Has anyone applied <?php edit_post_link(); ?>

Where should it be placed?

Hey Dee, I am happy to provide you with the snippet to add it from your child theme. Where would you like the Edit link to be located (eg. below post content)?


Yes - that would be fine.

Hi Dee, the snippet below should be what you are looking for:

add_action( 'beans_post_body_append_markup', 'example_edit_post' );
 * Edit post link.
function example_edit_post() {
  ?><p class="uk-margin-bottom-remove"><?php edit_post_link(); ?></p><?php

You may change the text of the edit link by setting it as the first parameter of the edit_post_link() function.

Happy coding,

Thank you Thierry.

Customizing it to fit my needs.

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