A posible bug in main menu

Hi everyone!

I've been away for a couple of months, I know. Been busy with another project.

But right now I'm back to beans!

And I encountered a slight problem in my test site.

In a fresh install of wordpress, with beans and the regular child theme, I created a menu with submenu items.

Whenever I hover with the mouse in the menu item with submenus, the submenu appears highlighted.

I don't know why.

It only happens on my new installs. It does not happen in my previous site, where I have all cusomizations.

It does not happen if i switch to twenty sixteen.

I discovered this issue when I cloned my previous site to a new install and all the menus appeared highlighted by default. Then I tried this fresh install and the same thing happened.

Wordpress is in latest version, beans version 1.4.0, child theme downloaded from site.

The test site link: http://www.tupodes.pt/nv/

Can you help me figure out what may be the problem, please?


Hi again.

An update: I found out that this same issue happens (at least with me) in getuikit dropdown menus. The link: https://getuikit.com/docs/dropdown.html

Another thing: I discovered that this happens if I click somewhere on the page (an empty space for instance) and then hover the dropdown. If I click on the screen outside the browser window, and then I hover the dropdown menu, it performs ok.

I wonder if it is something about the most recent update of uikit and beans. probably it doesn't happen with my first site because I didn't update yet.

My browser is firefox 49.0.2, I'm using Linux manjaro with latest updates. Just in case this info is relevant.

Thsnks again.

Hey Sami, glad to hear your are back 🙂

This is very speficif to UIkit and Firefox and there is not much we can do. Could you perhaps report that to UIkit so that they can look into it?

In the mean time you may add CSS to prevent the outline in Firefox (see some examples here).


Hi, Thierry!

Thanks for your answer!

I didn't know it was happening in firefox, because my laptop with windows where I test my sites in other browsers suddenly broke the screen and i can't connect it to my monitor, either...

I apologise for not checking it in other browsers.

I think I'll go and install chrome and Iexplorer in virtualbox.

i use linux, you know.

This is my first project with beans for a customer. In a matter of fact it is my first website for a customer in months. As i said, I've been doing other stuff.


Hi again!

Here is the solution for the issue on the dropdwn outline:


.uk-dropdown:focus { outline: none; }

And it solved the problem!


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