A few Forum thoughts :)

As I've been using the forum, every once in a proverbial little while, it struck me that there's a few things which I'm missing a bit. Probably a case of accustomed behaviour, but still.

A quick way back to the top! Alternatively, repeating the breadcrumbs at the bottom of the page. Also, a quote function, that would be neat.

Hey J.C.

Thanks for your feedback, I am planning on making the header and sidenav sticky to ease the navigation. Regarding the quote, there is a blockquote icon in the editor (see here).


My englisch is very bad. So I miss the Chrome spell check here in the forum editor.

Is it working for you?

No it isn't because the UIkit editor isn't a textarea πŸ™ I also miss that a lot and I have also added a note for that in the Beans Community Forum ToDo list.

Thanks for your feedback!

I miss the Grammarly πŸ™ can you add it here too..?? grammarly ususally works everywhere but why isn't it working here.

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